Aadhar Card for NRI

Unique Identification Card or also known as Aadhar card is an identity card which carries 12 unique digits. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on the behalf of the Government. This Aadhar card can be used as a proof of identity and address, anywhere across the nation. Any Indian who completes the verification process is eligible for getting an Aadhar card. Aadhaar card remains valid for life time and it can be used for services like banking, mobile phone connections and other Govt/Non-Govt services. It is compulsory to have an aadhaar card for joining the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

Can a NRI apply get an Aadhar card?

NRI or Non Residential Indian, is a person who holds an Indian passport but has migrated to another country for six months or more. The purpose of migration can be residence, employment, education or anything else. Earlier, an NRI was not allowed to apply for an Aadhar card but, now an NRI can also get an Aadhar card. The procedure is almost same as any other Indian with few additions.

How to apply for an Aadhar card for NRI?

If you are an NRI and wish to get an Aadhar card, you will need to provide the basic NRI identity like Green card. Apart from that, an identity proof from the company/establishment in which you are working/studying/engaged also needs to be submitted. You need to be present at the Aadhar card center during the verification process. You can either find an enrolment center nearby your place or can fix an appointment for it. After that you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Documents Verification: Apart from documents mentioned above, you will need to submit few other documents too such as birth certificate, school certificate and photo identity card of the nation you are currently being residing/working. These documents will be verified by the concerned authorities and you may have to produce documents regarding your status (working/studying/residence/) while inquiry. All these documents are compulsory for each and every NRI candidate.

Finger Tip Biometric Scanning: Once your documents are verified, you will need to present at the Aadhar card center for further processing. A biometric scanning of all the ten fingers will be done as this makes candidate’s recognition more exclusive and precise. This will be done by the responsible officers at the center.

Biometric Scanning of Iris: After fingers, biometric scanning of Iris is done. It is done just after the biometric scanning of the fingers. This steps makes your identity unique among such a large population of the nation. After that, a photograph will be taken by the web-cam and it will be added to the overall Aadhar card documents.

After that you will receive a paper having your enrolment number on it. You will need to carry this paper until you receive your original Aadhar card. Aadhar card will be either mailed to you or you can check its status online.

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